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The biggest and most supportive movement for women of all ages in Australia

A supportive and motivating community for girl bosses and big dreamers!

Who is the GIB Movement for?

Although our name says ‘girls IN business’ we are here to help, support and make a positive impact on ALL women – in business or not!

We have multiple groups across Australia including our Blokes in Business group for the men. 

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Start Ups

Just starting out with a new business venture? We will support you through those beginning stages, share tips and offer advice on how to grow your business empires. Our regular LIVE sell out events are a great place to get inspired!

Established Brands

Already established your brand or business? GREAT! You can showcase your wins and achievements to our membership base of over 45,000+ LOCAL women and even set up a trade display at one of our sell out events.

Big Dreamers

Still in the dreaming stages? You have come to the right place! Our members have helped and encouraged many women to gain the confidence they need to take the next steps into launching their business dreams!



Our members love to collaborate – bringing businesses toegther to create something unique and special! Check out our collaboration page for inspiration!

Networking & events

GCGIB hold regular SELL OUT events, networking brunches, free meet ups, wellness & business retreats, workshops & our favourite the annual GCGIB Gala Awards Night.


GCGIB is a community that encourages women to be empowered and also empower others, to step out of your comfort zones and realise your true potential. #theGIBmovement



Gold Coast Girls in Business was founded by Asha Barber in November 2017, our community is a safe and supportive place for women in business or women who dream of being in business to ask for help, share experiences and advice, offer support and collaborate with thousands of other like-minded women who really want to see you succeed!

We hold large events each year as well as smaller meet-ups, dinners, days out, retreats, workshops, charity & fundraising events, GCGIB Open Day for our members to showcase their amazing work!

GCGIB Magazine is the 1st of its kind in Australia – A FREE quarterly Digital Business Magazine that is the perfect mix of business & pleasure filled with advice on starting and growing a business, lifestyle, health, fitness, giveaways & everything in between! But the best part is we are supporting & showcasing the local businesses in our community!

2019 we launched our very 1st GCGIB GALA BUSINESS AWARDS NIGHT celebrating all the local women in business and their hard work and efforts.

Welcome to the GCGIB Movement!
Have a look around and you will see exactly why our members love GCGIB so much!